Thursday, March 08, 2018

Nine a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Well, I'm up to nine tablets, pills and capsules a day.  I've jut been prescribed a beta blocker, (Atenolol, yo be precise), for my blood pressure.  I must admit to having mixed feelings about the addition of this fourth pill in the battle against my blood pressure. While it will undoubtedly reduce my blood pressure quicker than the other medications, it comes with possible side effects I'd rather avoid.  Like the Metformin I take for the diabetes, it can cause severe stomach upsets.  With the effects of the former in this respect beginning to subside, I really don't want it flaring up again thanks to another medication.  Then again, Atenolol can also cause constipation - so maybe it and the Metformin will cancel each other out.  The beta blocker also means that I have to be even more careful about my alcohol consumption, which I've already cut significantly.  What with reducing my sugar intake as well, it is getting to the stage that I won't have any pleasures left - bearing in mind that beta blockers can (very rarely) cause erectile disfunction, I'll be having to take up crochet, or something, for pleasure. 

To be fair, though, the only side effect from any of the blood pressure medications I've suffered so far is the odd bout of light headedness when standing up too quickly.  The Metformin-related stomach upsets, however, continue.  After a couple of weeks of near normality, they have flared up again.  Nowhere near as bad as they were a few weeks ago, but, nonetheless, it has really been getting me down, disrupting my sleep patterns, leaving me feeling dehydrated and exhausted.  Yesterday, in particular, I felt so bad after a broken night's sleep and another doctor's appointment, i ended up going back to bed in the afternoon, to catch a couple of hours of much needed sleep.  The end result of all this disruption to my metabolism is that my body clock is all over the place and I just seem never to get anything done, as I'm out of synch with the rest of the world.  So, I've determined that, starting from tomorrow (which, I think, is a Friday, it is easy to lose touch of such things when you are away from the routines things like work impose upon us), I'm going to make an effort get my body clock back to normal and start imposing a new daily schedule on myself.  As I'm signed off work for more or less the rest of the month, I've got time to get into new routine.  So, I'm determined to actually do something constructive tomorrow - even if it is only finally getting around to cleaning the track on the model railway and resuming restoration work on that Wrenn locomotive I bought over a year ago.



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