Monday, November 06, 2017

All Very Frustrating

I've been ill tempered all day, snapping and snarling at other motorists, muttering under my breath at people holding up the queues at the till in the supermarket and getting extremely irritated with people who persist in using my work mobile number for personal calls.  So what's new?  I hear you ask.  Well, even by my standards I was bloody irascible today.  Not that there seems to be any particular reason,  Other than the usual ones of the weekend not lasting long enough, of being frustrated at having got so little done over the weekend and having to go to work again this morning.  Maybe my mood simply reflects the general sense of frustration which seems to be gripping everyone: political sex scandals and now more scandals over the dodgy financial affairs of the great and the good, seem to be breaking all the time, yet they seem to have no consequences.  Sure, we've had a Minister resign and a couple of MPs suspended, but you'd expect more widespread fall out than that.  Now we have revelations that the Royal family have been investing money off shore - in a company that specialises in screwing over the poor with hire purchase deals for white goods.  Yet the media seem more interested in 'exposing' some sitcom stars who have been involved with some kind of tax avoidance scheme.  All very frustrating.

The latest financial revelations - the so called 'Paradise Papers' - are depressing not only because they confirm all of one's prejudices about the activities of the super-rich, but also because they indicate that these financial improprieties are even more widespread than first suspected.  If the bastards aren't sexually abusing women, then they are fucking the rest of us up the arse.  But getting back to the political sex scandals, (I know, I just can't leave it alone, but it is comedy gold), when are we going to start getting the dirt on the politicians we really hate?  When are we going to learn the truth about Jacob Rees Mogg's illicit sexual liaisons with teddy?  Is it true that his so called 'nanny' is actually a dominatrix who has subjugated several generations of Rees Mogg men?  I'm sure its all true, even though I have no facts whatsoever to back it up.  But hey, when did that sort of thing ever bother the British press?  The public have the right to know the truth - even when it is completely made up.  Indeed, the right wing press much prefer the made up stuff when the real stuff is implicating Tory MPs and rich bastards.  Let's crucify some TV performers if it will distract attention from the dodgy financial activities of the Queen and some billionaires.  All very frustrating.

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