Monday, April 17, 2017

Nothing Happening Here

So, the trouble with bank holidays is that as I tend to do very little on them, I don't have anything to write about here.  And when we've had as long a bank holiday weekend as the Easter weekend, by the Monday I;m really stumped as to what to post.  I mean, I spent the better part of today lounging about on my sofa watching films.  Not the sort of films I discuss here - far too mainstream (even I like to have a day off from obscure exploitation movies).  That said, yesterday I did finally get around to watching a pretty decent adaptation of a Joe R Lansdale novel - Cold in July - which I recorded a while ago.  That was pretty off beat and, in typical Lansdale fashion, took some unexpected turns.  Apart from the film watching, the only other notable thing I did today was buy some olive oil to pour down my ear.  It's meant to be good for softening impacted ear wax, making it easier to remove.  (I'm still holding out hope that the tinnitus in my left ear is down to ear wax problems, so I'm willing to try anything to shift it).

I did get threatened by Google over the weekend - they accused me of posting pornography on my Google Plus account.  I regularly 'plus one' old stories to my Google Plus timeline, or whatever the fuck they call it, not because it generates traffic (nobody actually reads anything on Google Plus), but because it forces Google to reindex the page for the search index and the backlink it creates might help ranking.  Google decided that one of these stories was somehow pornographic.  All pretty pathetic and< I can only assume, part of Google's ongoing war against satire: first of all they try to classify satire as 'fake news' and penalise satire sites in the rankings, now they are calling it porn.  Like I said, pathetic. Just fuck off Google, you tax evading, content stealing, privacy invading bully. Anyway, with the bank holiday weekend out of the way, my time off from work starts properly tomorrow.  Which, hopefully, will mean that I do something interesting to post about. 



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