Thursday, March 30, 2017

By the Ringing of My Ears...

I know that, logically, I should today be writing about Primitive London, the follow up to London in the Raw, I'm afraid I don't feel up to it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get down to it tomorrow.   The reason I don't feel up to doing it now is the fact that I didn't get much sleep last night and consequently feel too fatigued to do the film justice.  The lack of sleep was the result of an ongoing problem with my ears which has been going on for the past week, or so.  It started with excessive wax in my right ear, most of which I was able to remove - to try and dislodge the rest, I used ear drops, which worked surprisingly quickly.  However, I made the mistake of also using them on my other ear, just to be on the safe side.  The result was that ear seemed to become partially blocked as the right one was cleared.  Anyway, my now afflicted left ear finally seemed to clear yesterday evening, but this was accompanied by a bout of tinnitus.  This ended after an hour or so, but returned just as I went to bed, hence the lack of sleep. 

Having never suffered from tinnitus before (I've occasionally  experienced a slight ringing in my ears, but was never bothered by it as it always quickly passed) I was surprised just how loud the sound in one's ear sounds.  In my case, it can best be described as similar to the buzzing sound you can hear when you stand close to overhead electricity cables.  But much louder and inside my ear. In desperation, I turned to the ear drops again, pouring a larger quantity than I should have into the afflicted ear.  Incredibly, after a while, the buzzing stopped (this could just have been a coincidence, or the ear drops could have moved or softened a piece of ear wax). It has returned, intermittently, a few times during the day, not as bad as before, but still irritating.  Late this afternoon it stopped again and, so far, hasn't returned.  Hopefully, this will prove a prolonged relief from the tinnitus.

But to get back to exploitation films, I've been gratified by the positive reception my piece on London in the Raw has received.  People seem to have enjoyed it.  Indeed, in recent years, the most popular things I've posted here have been write ups of lesser known, hard to see and sometimes just downright obscure exploitation films.  Which has left me toying with an idea I've contemplated before: setting up a new site dedicated to such subject matter.  Obviously, if I were to do this, I'd be looking to expand the scope beyond just films and would undoubtedly be looking for other contributors.  With Google making it next to impossible to get traffic for satire sites, it could be the logical next move for me, with regard to online publishing.  But before I make any decisions, we've got Primitive London to talk about.



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