Monday, March 27, 2017

Enterprising Terror

The burning question about last week's terror attack in London I still want answered is: will it result in new TV ad for Enterprise Cars?  After all, right now the attacker must be about the most famous person known to have rented a vehicle from Enterprise - whose long-running ad campaign is all bout how they combine something British (I'm never clear what) with US-style customer care, (in other words, they smile a lot while they ignore any complaint).  Anyway, a lot of their TV commercials revolve around an American salesman 'hilariously' failing to understand British customs.  There's one, for instance, where a bloke is hiring a van to transport a 5 November guy to a bonfire party, with his young daughter telling the American that they are going to burn the guy (which looks a bit like him).  Cue 'You crazy Brits and the whacky stuff you do at weekends' reaction.  So I'm fully expecting a new advert where the American guy rents a car to a stereotype Jihadist, wearing a suicide bomber jacket and firing a Kalashnikov into the air, who proceeds to tell him that he is going to use the budget hatch back as weapon to kill infidels and attempt to destroy parliament.  "You crazy Brits! What'll you think of next!"

While we're still on the subject of last week's terror attack (and I still am - it's the gift that keeps on giving), what about the revelation that we was using What's App during the incident?  No wonder the bloody car mounted the pavement and hit all those pedestrians if he was using his mobile at the wheel!  For God's sake, that's why we have laws prohibiting the use of devices which could didtract drivers whilst at the wheel.  If he'd survived, I' pretty sure that he'd have received a fine and points on his licence.  And it would have served him right.  But after the texting-at-the-wheel bombshell over the weekend, today the media revealed that he was doing over seventy miles an hour when he drove onto Vauxhall Bridge - well in excess of the local speed limit!  More points on the licence and another fine, I fear.  It's revelations like these that really bring home just what a bastard this guy actually was.  I mean, before I learned of these driving offences, I just thought that he was a crazy murdered with a rexkless disregard for human life.  Now I find he was also engaging in traffic offences with no regard for other road users.  Clearly, the media are right in apparently thinking that makes him much worse.

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