Monday, March 20, 2017

Post Without a Theme

After two consecutive themed weeks of posting here, I start this week with no idea whatsoever as to what I'm going to post about this week.  Of course, those two themed weeks weren't actually planned.  They came about by accident because I started both weeks without a clue to what I was going to write about, so posted stuff out of desperation on the Monday, then just kept following them up for the rest of the week.  I was thinking of having another moan about Google and its latest abuse of its near monopoly in web search.  But what's the point?  Google are evil bastards. There's nothing more to say.  Besides I can take satisfaction in the fact that over the weekend, not only did Google begin to take a kicking from various institutions and businesses over its 'misplacing' of extremist material near their ads, but that I also managed to temporarily out manoeuvre Google and get them to send me search traffic just at the time they were, once again, trying to crush The Sleaze's organic traffic.  Don't ask me how - it involved a combination of my successful playing of their algorithm by adding some page elements I've found that it 'likes' and an unexpected development in the real world which suddenly made one of my old stories relevant again. - but it worked

Actually, the backlash is already beginning to set in, with search traffic from Google being abruptly throttled back this evening, following a third consecutive day of above average page views.  Google just hates anyone to get more than what they've clearly decided is their fair share of daily traffic and punishes 'errant' sites accordingly.  But to get back to those two themed weeks, I have to say that I really enjoyed writing those posts, it seemed to bring the joy of blogging back to me.  Not only that, but they also provided a nice change from the politics and post-millennial angst I've been mired in here for a while.  Although I can't promise any more themed weeks in the near future, the themes I explored over the past couple of weeks have opened up new areas of interest to pursue here.  The 8mm shorts, in particular, have turned out to be a fascinating field of study which I'm sure we'll be returning to soon.  There is also the related genre of 'glamour' shorts which were popular in the UK in the sixties - something else I'm sure we'll be looking at in detail in the future.  As for the rest of this week - I haven't a clue as to what I'll be posting about.



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