Saturday, March 04, 2017

Non Entertainment Tonight

We've had a week of showbiz things I found that I really wasn't interested in.  Especially the Oscars.  I didn't realise just how disinterested in the Academy Awards I'd become until this last week, when even the furore of the wrong movie being announced as 'Best Film' left me unmoved.  I mean, what does it actually matter which one gets the award?  It's long since passed the point when the awards are based on any kind of artistic merit.  It's all politics, all about which bland piece of product ticks enough of this year's required boxes to win.  I'd like to think that I'm being too cynical about this, but I know I'm not.  As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I don't have much time for awards as it is - I'm not quite sure what they are meant to prove. Even when the criteria are clear, the judgements are ultimately still entirely subjective.  Besides, I've always felt that when it comes to artistic matters, the whole concept of 'best' is meaningless, you can never really compare like-with-like as, by their very nature, all pieces of art are unique.

Anyway, another showbiz non-story briefly caught my attention, this time concerning another one of those magazine photo shoots young actresses tend to do - the sort where they are semi-naked and tease that you might get a glimpse of nipple, or flash of buttock.  In this case it was Emma Watson, late of the Harry Potter franchise, revealing a bit more breast than usual,  The fuss that this created in some quarters, well, The Daily Mail, was highly amusing.  It seemed to centre around the idea that a former child star revealing that she actually has breasts was some kind of 'betrayal' of her young fans. I was left bemused by it all - it's surely hardly a surprise, even to Mail journalists, that twenty six year old woman might have fully developed breasts?  They do understand the concept that children, even child actors, grow up to be adults, don't they?  Perhaps not, judging by all those tedious items they churn out on the subject of 'Look at how these former child stars have grown up - isn't it amazing?'  Not really, no.  It's simply normal. 

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