Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Letting Things Happen

I know what you are thinking: you've looked at the date and thought, 'The miserable git is going to post something curmudgeonly about Valentine's Day'.  Well, I'm going to disappoint you.  For some reason, this year I haven't had the bloody thing shoved in my face all day, so it hasn't been an issue. To be honest, I'd pretty much forgotten what day it actually was today - which has been happening a lot of late.  I think it has to do with the depth of disillusionment I'm currently suffering with regard to work.  To be frank, I'm finding it ever more difficult to get out of bed in the morning - the knowledge that another day of the same boredom, dullness and sheer pointlessness lies ahead is enough to suck the joy out of the day before it has even begun.  But not to worry, I've got next week off.  Hopefully, this brief relief from the Hell that is my current employment will lift my spirits.  It's amazing the number of people who have asked me what I've got 'planned' for my week off.  They are aghast when I tell them that, apart from an appointment with the optician, I've got nothing 'planned'.

You see, I'm a great believer in just 'letting things happen'.  Especially when I'm on holiday.  We spend our working lives in thrall to schedules and timescales, slaves to the clock.  So, it seems obvious to me that, when we're on our own time, we should just take it easy and move at our own pace.  I have all sorts of vague ideas as to what I might do next week, ranging from finally putting together the baseboards for that model railway layout I'm supposedly building to doing some more modernisation in my kitchen.  (I should also get around to finishing stripping the paint off of that model railway locomotive I bought on eBay a few months ago).  Then again, I might not do any of them and instead spend my time lying on the sofa, drinking beer and watching old episodes of The Persuaders.  Indeed, I should probably get around to posting about the various schlock movies I watched over Christmas and New Year, (something else I keep promising to do, but as I tend to have to watch the films a couple of times before writing about them, this can be a surprisingly time consuming activity).  But, like I said, we'll just have to see what happens...



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