Monday, April 03, 2017

Canned Crap

War with Spain over Gibraltar.  People shitting in coke cans.  Gangs of racists beating up asylum seekers.  It feels like Britain has turned into a Mondo movie.  Sadly, however, it's all real.  It's scary quite how quickly things have started to unravel since the EU referendum.  Now that Article 50 has been invoked, it all seems to be unraveling out of control.  The poor sod getting beaten up by a gang of up to twenty thugs simply, it seems, because he wasn't white, is just the latest and most extreme example of the way in which the racists have become emboldened since the referendum outcome.  I'm not saying that Brexit is the direct cause of racist behaviour, obviously.  But, with the anti-immigrant invective which accompanied the 'Leave' campaign, it has encouraged the extreme right and racist thugs generally, to think that their mind set is now in the majority.  Still, you have to wonder, once we're out of the EU and all those 'foreigners' have been sent home (as the extremists seem to think they will), who will the reactionary right have to blame for everything they don't like then?  Presumably, we'll be back to demonising single mothers and the unemployed.  Not to mention the mentally ill and disabled.

As for that business where those Coke cans being delivered to Coca Cola plant in Northern Ireland were found to contain human excrement - you notice how quickly the press tried to blame that on illegal immigrants?  The narrative of the riht wing press focuses on the fact that the lorry carrying the offending (and offensive) cans came from Germany, leading them to speculate that asylum seekers and illegal immigrants must have been hiding in it and they were responsible to crapping in the cans.  None of which really makes sense - if you were in the back of a truck and desperate for a dump, would you try to crap in such a tiny receptacle?  Personally, I think it was  the Germans - it's all part of the war the rest of the EU is conducting against us (in the fevered imaginations of the right wing press) for having the audacity to leave.  They've started by sending us tinned shit, we've retaliated by threatening to go to war with Spain.  It all makes sense now.  Mind you, I at least learned something from this story, namely that soft drink tins are delivered with the top end open.  The top, with the ring pull, is added after the can has been filled.  Which explains how thay could manage to shit into the tins - I had visions of them attempting to accurately crap through the ring pull aperture.

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