Thursday, June 30, 2016

Boris Buggered

Ha ha ha ha hah ha!  Excuse me whilst I laugh myself stupid having seen Boris Johnson's political career judder to an abrupt halt today.  Actually, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.  I mean, he orchestrates a political, economic and constitutional crisis the likes of which hasn't been seen in decades, entirely for the purposes of putting himself in pole position to succeed Cameron, then when opportunity arises, he seemingly loses his nerve.  Thanks Boris.  Who knows what made him choke at the last: did he finally doubt his own abilities, realising he just wasn't up to to the challenge?  Or was it that he realised that he simply wasn't as popular, even in the Tory party, as he thought he was?  Whatever the reason, spared the threat of Boris as Prime Minister, we still find ourselves facing a truly unappealing line up of contenders for the Tory leadership.  When you find yourself thinking that Theresa May is the best we can hope for, you know that the country is well and truly fucked.

Because the opposition isn't offering any alternative, let alone leadership, is it?  I won't go into all the ins-and-outs of Corbyn's woeful lack of leadership and, worse, his increasingly self righteous and obnoxious supporters here - I'm saving that for an upcoming editorial over at The Sleaze.  I will say, though, that I'm getting tired of them labelling anyone in the Labour movement who disagrees with them a 'Blairite' and accusing Corbyn's critics of all being middle class right wingers.  The fact is that the party members who propelled Corbyn to the leadership are themselves a bunch of middle class nouveau 'socialist' entryists who are no more representative of the 'working classes' than Tony Blair.  I've met their kind before - when I was a student they were the types who joined the Student Socialist Workers' Party.  Smug middle class political dilettantes rebelling against their well off parents, with a penchant for referencing Karl Marx, but not liking it when you quoted him correctly at them.  Interestingly, none of them actually studied politics or history, which probably explained their lack of understanding of the reality of politics and the class system.  Anyway, I've ranted about politics again, haven't I?  I just can't stay away from the subject.  I'll try to move on to other things tomorrow.



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