Monday, September 07, 2015

New Season

Back to work (again) and back to Autumn.  Perhaps it is just me, but Summer seems to have ended rather abruptly this year.  I don't mean the weather - that's been Autumnal for a while now - but the 'sense' of Summer has just vanished.  Usually it lingers on into the first weeks of September, but this year it just seems to have stopped.  Even today, with the sun out and clear skies for much of the day, it didn't feel like Summer, there was none of that relaxed feeling one associates with the season, no feeling of optimism. Ah well, Autumn also has its pleasures, once it gets going.  But enough of my seasonal ponderings, as already noted, my holidays are finally over and I'm back at work, with only Christmas to look forward to.  Actually, that isn't quite true - hopefully next month I'll finally be able to physically meet up with the old friend I've been trying to reconnect with.  I'd hoped to do something while I was on holiday, but circumstances dictated otherwise.  Moreover, in order to try and avoid the log jam of untaken leave I had this Spring, I intend taking a few days off at some point during this Autumn, possibly in November.

Mind you, right now I feel like I need to take some time off in order to recover from that last week of leave I had.  The amount of activity I packed in has left me exhausted.  It hasn't been helped by the lack of sleep resulting from my nocturnal film watching activities - in addition to the three British exploitation movies I've already mentioned in a previous post, I also managed to pack in viewings of Hammerhead and Jaguar Lives!, having finally tracked down complete versions of these two Bond knock offs.  My new High Definition digital TV recorder is also working overtime at the moment, with a trio of Harry Allan Towers productions which have found their way onto various digital channels, a pair of Lewis Collins starring Italian action movies and the Hammer obscurity Prehistoric Women (aka Slave Girls) either already safely recorded or scheduled for recording over the next week or so.  At some point, not only do I have to find time to watch these, but I also have to start writing up the movies I watched last week.  Plus, I have to record another edition of the 'Schlock Express' podcast.  All that and still turning out material for The Sleaze.  (I haven't forgotten those holiday films I'm meant to be editing, either).  Clearly, it's going to be a busy Autumn.



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