Friday, August 21, 2015

Meandering Around

Damn, I've been getting introspective of late, haven't I?  I blame my recent lack of sleep. Despite being on holiday, I seem to have been sleeping less than I do when I'm at work.  I think the problem is that I am on holiday: I get home exhausted from a day wandering around far flung places, then sit down and start working on some other project, thinking 'hell, it doesn't matter if I spend half the night finishing editing this podcast - I don't have to get up for work tomorrow.'  Then, of course, I get up the next morning and go gallivanting off somewhere else on only a few hours sleep, exhausting myself more, before coming home and starting the cycle all over again.  I did try to get some extra sleep in the other evening - I even switched my phone off so as to avoid being disturbed.  Not surprisingly, I didn't sleep, I started doing something else, then forgot to switch my phone back on until the next afternoon, to be bombarded with a backlog of texts.  (I have a theory that people sending texts know when your phone is off and deliberately send them then, so that you are inundated when you switch your phone back on.  By contrast, when your phone is on all day, as mine was today, nobody bloody tries to text you.  I bet that as soon as I switch it off, the buggers will start texting.  Really, there must be an app somewhere for telling if a recipients phone is off.) 

To get back to the point, (if, indeed, there was a point, I'm pretty sure I had one when I started writing this), it's probably time that I started steering this blog back to its regular content: films of dubious quality, political rants and, well, whatever else it is I manage to fill these pages with (we passed the 2000 post mark the other day).  Being back at work next week will probably help - with no holiday travels to enjoy, I'll be forced to write proper posts here to fill the emotional vacuum.  That said, I'm back on holiday for another week after that, so my reader(s) will undoubtedly then have to endure another week of trivial and frivolous posts about nothing in particular. Like this one.  To be honest, right now I can't even think of a piece of pop culture trivia to rant about, I've become so disconnected from my usual routines these past two weeks.  Which is undoubtedly a good thing - the whole point of holidays is to break out of our regular routines.  Something I'm very proud of is the fact that, over these two weeks, I haven't picked up a paint brush or filled any cracks in the walls.  DIY has been off the agenda, (although I did buy some stuff to skim some of the dodgy plaster work, but that's for a future project and I haven't even opened the container yet), which has been relief as I've spent virtually every other day off I've had this year engaged in redecorating or repairs.  No doubt I'll get back to that next week, as well.  OK, I've wittered on enough to make what looks like a post, so I'll shut up for now.   



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