Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy Holidays

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm on holiday this week.  And next week, for that matter.  Not that these were actually the weeks I wanted to take off, but, for various work-related reasons, I was pretty much bounced into taking them off (I'd rather take my main Summer break later in August - the weather is usually better).  Consequently, it all feels as if I've been rushed into taking my break without having made any proper plans.  Add to that the fact that, despite forecasts to the opposite, I've so far had to endure two consecutive days of rain.  To make things worse, despite originally indicating that next week would be sunny, the Met Office has changed its mind and decided that it will rain, instead.  All of which means that my entire break could prove to be a washout.  The only possible bright spot is that I also have the August Bank Holiday week off - perhaps early September will bring better weather.  Yes, I know, that means that I'm off for two weeks, back at work for a week, then off again for a week - it's all down to the fact that my taking my usual consecutive three weeks off in late August, early September last year caused such offence to some managers that I decided to split it this year.  Stick that in your pipes and smoke it, is my attitude.

So, as a result of all this nonsense, I ended up spending a rainy day on the beach, walking up and down a narrow spit of shingle to look at a lighthouse and a castle.  At least the poor weather meant there weren't many kids about and that it was easy to park.  I also discovered that you can get stronger 4G coverage at Hurst Point than you can get in many parts of Crapchester.  I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow, so as to enable me to take a long ramble around part of the New Forest I haven't visited in a while (and maybe take in another beach).  What my holidays - which will, hopefully, consist of my usual drift around bits of the South Coast and adjoining areas - will mean in practical terms is that posting around here might become a bit intermittent over the next couple of weeks.  Whilst I'm off wok I'd like to take turn my creative energies to a couple of other projects. That said, I'll be trying to keep The Sleaze updated with a couple of new stories.  I'm also hoping to find time to watch some more reprehensible movies, which, as ever, I'll faithfully write up here.  Anyway, that's enough rambling for now.  Back to my holiday.

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