Thursday, July 30, 2015

Opening Windows

Apparently my Windows 10 update is ready.  All I have to do is schedule it.  Which I still haven't done.  Operating system updates and installations always make me nervous.  Besides, I've sort of gotten used to Windows 8.1 after having run it for a couple of years.  With the use of some third party apps, it is possible to turn Windows 8.1 into a decent enough operating system - mine boots straight into the desktop (I never have to see those bloody tiles if I don't want to) and has a Windows 7-style  start menu.  Whilst I know that the update most probably won't cause any major problems, there's still that nagging doubt - and I really can't afford to have this laptop fucked up, it's my main production machine when it comes to my various web sites podcasts and films. My only current alternative for these activities is an ancient Linux-powered IBM Thinkpad which, by current standards, is painfully slow (back in the day, when I first owned it, the IBM seemed lightning fast compared to its predecessors).  My recently acquired smart phone is really only good for web browsing and checking e-mail and social media accounts, rather than any kind of creative activity.

All other considerations aside, I think that it is advisable to wait a few days before attempting this update - let the early adopters deal with the teething problems.  Hopefully they will all be ironed out by the time I implement the Windows 10 installation.   I have enough potential problems already,  I'm going through one of those phases when everything worries me and I see disasters lurking everywhere.  Every time it rains, for instance, I anxiously examine the ceiling of the spare room for leaks, despite the fact that the roof was repaired after being damaged in those storms at the other Christmas and there's been no subsequent leakage.  But all of a sudden I've started worrying about it again.  It isn't just the house which has got me worried, either.  Just today I started worrying that the car seems to be producing more visible fumes from the exhaust than normal.  This, despite the fact that I've never actually spent much time previously looking in the rear view mirror for smoke, so really have no idea what is 'normal'.  Not only that, but it is a diesel, so black emissions when accelerating sharply shouldn't be a surprise.  Ah well, it's due a service and MoT in October, so all should become clear then  (if it hasn't already expired of course).  I really must learn to stop worrying.

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