Monday, July 20, 2015

Nazi Business

I really don't understand this furore over film of the Queen (in her pre-Queen days) giving a Nazi salute to Hitler.  So what if the Royals were all a bunch of Nazis?  The previous Pope was one, for God's sake and nobody seemed to bat an eyelid over that.  And he was a proper Nazi, not just someone who did fascist salutes as a child - he was a fully paid up member of the Hitler Youth.  Indeed, a Nazi Pope should have been far more shocking than fascist sympathising royalty.  After all, one would expect members of a feudal institution based upon birth right to tend, politically, toward extreme and authoritarian ideologies which purport to be for the benefit of the common man whilst actually concentrating power into the hands of an unelected and unaccountable elite.  By contrast, one would hope that the leader of the world's largest Christian church, based upon the principles of forgiveness, love and tolerance, would have a sound record of anti-Nazism. 

It isn't as if Britain's royals don't have a track record for this sort of thing - let's not forget Prince Harry dressing up as a Nazi officer that time, or the Duke of Windsor's well documented dalliances with Hitler.  Then there was the Queen Mother.  Allegedly, she was more that a little bit right wing, politically speaking.  Certainly, she was right wing enough that a group of conservative politicians, businessmen and military officers contemplating a coup against Harold Wilson were confident enough of her reactionary nature to approach her to act as a figurehead.  The most intriguing thing about this storm in a tea cup is that the piece of film in question comes from some kind of  royal 'private collection' of movies which are never to be made public.  Which begs the question of what the other films might show.  You can understand why they'd want to suppress footage of royalty giving Nazi salutes, you have to wonder what they think is on a par with that (or even worse than that), so that it also has to be suppressed?  What other decadence have they committed to celluloid?  And do they all sit down in the Queen's living room and watch these secret films every Christmas?

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