Monday, August 24, 2015

Right Offended

Over the weekend I discovered the existence of something called 'Redwatch'. This is an online 'service' apparently run by rabidly right wing loonies, purporting to 'name and shame' ;Reds' throughout the UK, including in the media and online.  For the purposes of these kooks the term 'Reds' seems to encompass anybody who is a member of trade union, been on an anti war demonstration, been on an anti-Nazi demonstration, remarked in the pub that they thought that Hitler bloke had been a bit extreme or has been polite to a member of an ethnic minority.  Indeed, the worst crime anyone can commit in their eyes. it seems, is to be 'anti-racist'.  (Which begs the obvious question: if these jokers were on holiday on the Costa del Sol, would they be OK with it if a bunch of local Spanish skinheads came and beat them up, calling them 'English cunts' and telling them to 'fuck off back to where you came from'?  After all, it would just be an example good old honest racism, which they must be in in favour of, if they hate 'anti racists' so much, after all.)

Anyway, the whole thing is chock full of photos of people on demos and picket lines, all identified as 'Reds'.  Not only are they named, but often address is included (I have no idea whether these are accurate or not - hopefully not).  But the most offensive thing about 'Redwatch' is that it doesn't mention me anywhere - not under my real name, (I've been on a few picket lines and demos and can frequently be heard in pubs preaching the need for armed insurrection in order to overturn the capitalist tyranny), nor as 'Doc Sleaze' in the internet 'Reds' section.  For fuck's sake, what does an old leftie have to do to get condemned by right-wing nutters these days?  I mean, it's a badge of honour to become a figure of hate for these bastards.  A badge of honour, incidentally, which I would wear with pride alongside those I have for my pissing off of the 'Paul is Dead' brigade and a certain self-styled vampire hunter and his acolytes. Sure, I've been disparaged on a few neo-Nazi message boards for some of my stories over at The Sleaze, but that just isn't the same as being condemned as a 'Red' by a bunch of rabid racist dingbats.   OK, I know that most of the 'Redwatch' site doesn't seem to have been updated since 2013, its Twitter feed has been suspended and its judgement as to what constitutes 'left wing' is highly suspect, (it 'names and shames' knee-jerk reactionary right-wing radio shock jock Jon Gaunt as a 'Red', for instance), but I still feel insulted by its failure to include me on its lists of dangerous leftist subversives.

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