Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post Birthday Ponderings

Just as well I didn't really hold my breath last night after my moan about the lack of birthday greetings I'd received from friends whose own birthdays I always remember, I'd have gone blue and suffocated waiting for a response. Actually, that isn't quite true - I did receive a text wishing me a happy birthday, but from someone I wasn't actually getting at in yesterday's post. Sure, she's pretty erratic in responding to any form of communication and rarely remembers such trivia as birthdays, but I'm used to that. I'm sorry if she thought I was tarring her with the same brush as other miscreants who are much closer to home. The fact is that I love her dearly and always will, even if she doesn't always remember birthdays and high holidays, and frequently frustrates me with her lack of communication. Anyway, with my birthday over for another year, the subject is closed and I promise not to make any more petulant comments about my supposed neglect by friends. As I'm becoming ever more misanthropic, I suppose I should really be pleased that people are finally leaving me to my own devices!

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