Friday, February 11, 2011

The Triumph of People Power

At least, that's what it looks like in Egypt, with Mubarak finally succumbing to the pressure from the streets and stepping down as President. With luck, this will be a first step in a reasonably rapid transition to proper democracy for the country. All of which is dependent upon Egypt's interim military leadership not deciding to make the current arrangement permanent. However, the army's stance during the recent unrest and anti-Mubarak protests does seem to indicate that they're prepared to embrace change. Anyway, for the time being, let's all just rejoice that this situation has been resolved reasonably peacefully, and that an authoritarian dictator has been deposed, not through a military coup, as is usual, but through peaceful protest.

With Mubarak out of the way, perhaps we can now turn our attention to our own pathetic excuse of a government. If you don't like their plans to sell off our forests, if you can't stomach the spending cuts, if you think the Big Society is bollocks - stop bloody whingeing and get out on those streets and protest! Maybe if we all pitch up in Trafalgar Square and refuse to move, the Tory bastards will have the good grace to bugger off. Ah, but I know what you are saying - unlike the Egyptians, we have a proper democratic system and will have legitimate opportunities to vote the present government out. But do we? Don't forget that this shower of shit are busily trying to ensure themselves a five year term by making it virtually impossible for them to lose a no-confidence vote in the Commons, all of which adds up to less democracy and fewer opportunities for us to actually vote. And don't get me started on their attempts to fix the outcome of the next election through boundary changes and the like. But Hell, we're British and complacent, as long as the (Tory) press tells us everything is OK, we won't be marching on Downing Street any time soon.

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