Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ocean's Fourteen: The Egyptian Job

Now, I know that Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney don't want to make another Ocean's Eleven movie, but really, recent events in Egypt really should make them think twice. Amidst reports that valuable antiquities had allegedly been stolen from museums during the rioting and unrest, I was left suspecting that the whole thing had been staged as a cover for a daring robbery. After all what better distraction could there be than a revolution? All the police and army are out on the streets, rather than guarding banks, art galleries and museums. You could make a getaway under the cover of being foreign tourists fleeing the country on a specially chartered flight. The fact that a dictator gets deposed in the process is an added bonus.

Then again, maybe Mubarak was behind it all - he deliberately stirred up opposition against his regime to facilitate his partners in crime. After all, wasn't it a bit convenient when all those pro-Mubarak supporters turned up in Tahrir Square and started attacking the protesters? Suddenly, the security forces had their work cut out separating the two sides, ensuring that they couldn't prevent any other crimes in process. Moreover, it ensured that the eyes of the world were on that square, rather than noticing any robberies taking place nearby. The final distraction was Mubarak's sudden resignation, no doubt helping to cover the robbers' getaway. I daresay the former President's cut of the job would provide him with a very handy retirement fund. Of course, if it was a caper movie, then the final reel would see George Clooney double-crossing Mubarak at his holiday home on the Red Sea, before making a daring escape on a paraglider, or something.

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