Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Interruption to Normal Service

I had all sorts of ideas for posts for today, but I'm afraid that, when push came to shove, I just couldn't muster any real enthusiasm for any of them. Consequently, I have no post for today. There are all sorts of reasons why I just haven't felt like writing today - I'm about to take some time off work and I'm more focused on that than anything else is probably the main one. I also received some surprising news about a friend today which has left me feeling slightly non-plussed, (if that's the right word). Being the 'silly season', there's been nothing in the news to inspire me. Today, for instance, it was dominated by A-Level results and the tiresome annual debate over whether they're getting easier. I'm also more than a little pissed off with regard to traffic patterns over at The Sleaze again.

As I predicted, because of the presence of the word 'sex' in the title, the latest story there helped push traffic up to levels I haven't seen since the beginning of the year. Today, traffic, (primarily Google traffic), abruptly collapsed. It's like a switch was flipped. I'm sorry, but these are simply not normal traffic patterns. Popular new stories don't simply get traffic for precisely twenty four hours, then vanish. It's as if someone has decided that certain sites are only allowed a certain quota of traffic every week or month. Clearly, The Sex Assassins was threatening to exceed that. And it's no good going on about the site being over-reliant on traffic from Google. As long as Google dominates search, webmasters have little choice. So there you are - the reasons why I couldn't be bothered to write a proper post today. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed tomorrow,

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