Thursday, August 05, 2010

One is an Outspoken Sort of Chap

If there's one thing I find more objectionable to the Tories being bastards, it is when they pretend to be concerned about social issues, human rights or international justice. Even though they are quite patently still being utter bastards. Even more objectionable are the number of so-called 'liberals' and 'left-wing intellectuals' who fall for this bollocks, and continue to try and defend Cameron and co. In reality, of course, all they are doing is trying to salve their own consciences and justify their own abandonment of Labour and subsequent support for the Liberal Democrats at the last election. Just this week we had turn coat John Kampfner - one of those 'left-wing intellectuals' - trying to reconcile his support for the Lib Dems with the fact that it had resulted in a Tory government. Quite laughably, he continued to try and cast Labour as the villains, (it was all their fault for disappointing him, apparently), and had the nerve to describe the current government as 'so far, so bearable'. Really, John? Really? Bearable for who, exactly? Middle class journalists who aren't facing a catastrophic loss of income when they're made redundant as part of this government's spending cuts? Middle class political commentators who don't have to worry about Lansley's proposed destruction of the NHS, as they can afford private health care?

A recent example of the middle class liberal/left's continued infatuation with Cameron came during the PM's trip to India, where, in-between running around with a begging bowl to try and get some cash from a former colony to try and compensate for his own government's lack of investment in the UK - he publicly criticised Pakistan for its alleged support of the Taliban. "That's just what we need - a straight-talking Prime Minister when it comes to foreign affairs", cooed the left/liberal bloggers. Yeah, straight talking. His comments would have been a lot more impressive had they not been made in India whilst he was trying to cadge money from them. Less straight-talking, more embarrassing and ill-considered attempt to impress his hosts by running down their regional rivals. But of course, by doubting Cameron's motivations, I'm just one of those knee-jerk reactionaries who can't get out of the past and abandon 'tribal politics'. Oh do fuck off! Politics is meant to be confrontational. Different political parties are meant to represent different ideologies. Let's face it if - as these proponents of the 'new politics' would have it - we all agreed with each other, then we might just as well have a one-party system like the old Soviet Union. But it's all about compromise, the likes of Kampfner and other coalition apologists would argue. Yes indeed, compromise of the sort we see in the coalition - remind me again where the 'liberal' bit of their policies can be found? The sooner the Lib Dems and their friends accept what everyone else can see - that they're just a political fig leaf there to deflect attention from the Tories' usual evil machinations - the better. Until then, shut the fuck up.

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