Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sky's the Limit

Well, silly season seems to be in full swing at last. Whilst we don't seem to have any new alien abductions and crop circles appear to have vanished, but we've had the Ministry of Defence releasing yet more of its 'UFO files'. That gave the media something to fill a few pages - yet more reports of vague things which people might or might not have seen whilst coming home from the pub. Did Churchill get involved in an encounter between RAF bombers returning from a raid in World War Two and UFOs over the English Channel? Probably not. I think there might be something in the records if this sort of thing was ever discussed at cabinet level. Besides, by that stage of the war, Churchill was more worried about the threat posed by exploding inflatable Nazi sex dolls. Still, it all distracts the great unwashed from Cameron and Co's destruction of the UK economy.

In another development which must surely be part of the silly season, Rupert Murdoch is trying to stop Skype from registering its name as a trademark in Europe, because people might confuse it with his Sky TV outfit. No, really. That's actually happening. Apparently they've done some research and found that many people would, indeed, confuse an internet telephony service with a satellite TV broadcaster. I can only assume that their sample was composed entirely of cretins. Or, as I prefer to call them, Sky subscribers. Of course, the fact that Sky also offers broadband and telephony as part of its TV packages has nothing at all to do with this bizarre development. Anyway, as ever at this time of year, The Sleaze is doing its best to contribute to the silly season. I've already got the first of our seasonal stories up - Fiend With the Tabloid Brain, which I still think is a great story, even if you bastards have all but ignored it - and I'm currently working on another one. As the only things which seem to generate traffic any more have the words 'porn' or 'sex' in the title, this one will be called either 'The Sex Assassins', or 'The Men Who Stare at Porn'. That should do the trick.

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