Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Night Musings

I finally managed to see that hitherto unscreened episode of You Have Been Watching, when it finally aired on E4 the other night. This was the 'crime special' which Channel Four, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to postpone from its original showing, which coincided with Derrick Bird's gun rampage in Cumbria. Now, I naturally assumed that this postponement was due to the fact that the programme contained some kind of controversial content related to gun massacres - Charlie Brooker machine-gunning the audience, for instance. Having seen it, I'm left mystified as to Channel Four's actions. There really wasn't anything offensive or controversial about - unless you include Angela Lansbury talking about OAP sex, that is. But that's the trouble with TV companies these days - too eager to pander to the "Oh, I've never been so offended in my life" brigade.

Still, speaking of offense, I've finally managed to get The Sleaze more or less back on schedule, with a new story posted this week - Fiend With the Tabloid Brain. A neat little story - I think, anyway - which has so far been roundly ignored by readers. That's the thanks you get for writing anything slightly different. Whilst we're talking about administrative stuff, the eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that I've switched the comments off on this blog. After I foolishly laid out, (once again), the policy for comments here, that particular post was immediately spammed with the kind of comments I'd just made clear would be deleted. Obviously, I deleted them. However, the spammers seemed to take my guidelines as a challenge, and stepped up their efforts on subsequent posts. So, I've decided that if they won't play nicely, then I'm not going to let anybody play. I really don't have the time or the patience to deal with these idiots. So, in the unlikely event that you want to leave a proper comment - tough! Take it up with the spammer twats.

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