Monday, April 12, 2010

A Hunt for Votes

So, after a week's campaigning, how's the election been for you, so far? Pretty unexciting, I think. When the best the media can come up with is the tedious row over National Insurance contributions which, judging by the polls, the electorate really doesn't give a toss about, and a story about how Labour's 'Gene Hunt' poster campaign had supposedly backfired, you know it is shaping up to be a dull campaign. With regard to that poster - which showed 'Call me Dave' Cameron as Gene Hunt with the caption "Don't let him take us back to the eighties" - I can't help but feel that Labour got the emphasis wrong. Surely they should have been contrasting foppish Dave unfavourably with manly Gene Hunt, implying that Labour was the tough go-getting party the country needs to lead it through the recession. I had a go at putting together something along those lines and came up with this:

It's a bit crude, I know. But I think it puts the message across. I was thinking of sending it to Gordon Brown to see if the Labour Party would be interested in using it. I think it would look quite striking plastered across billboards all over Britain...

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