Friday, January 08, 2010

An Anniversary

Apparently, I missed an anniversary, having been so preoccupied with the bloody weather. A couple of posts back I reached the eight hundred mark. I find it quite astounding that, since I started this blog a little under four years ago, I've managed to come up with enough trivia and general bollocks to fill eight hundred posts. I suppose I should say something along the lines of "here's to the next eight hundred posts", but I'm not sure I've got the energy for another eight hundred. Indeed, after spending the past few days slogging through snow, I'm afraid I don't really have the energy to turn this into a proper post. I suppose I could spend some time musing over whether or not this blog has strayed from its original concept. It's still described as being the 'Editorial Blog of The Sleaze', but does the current content still reflect this?

It could be asked as to exactly why a publication like The Sleaze even needs editorial content. Well, I can’t help but feel that publications without any kind of editorial material are basically faceless and impersonal. Whilst the overall character and style of a publication should, of course, come from the stories and articles it carries, editorial content gives it that personal touch, giving the reader some kind of impression of the personality behind the publication. But enough of my publishing philosophy. The fact is that editorials over on the main site are culled from posts made here. After all, one of the reasons I set this blog up was because I was always having ideas for editorials, but forgetting them before I got around to writing one of my infrequent editorials. Also, many of my stories appearing over on The Sleaze either appear here in draft form, or are inspired by posts made on Sleaze Diary. Which is as it should be. When I started this blog, one of my stated intentions was to try and give readers some insight into the tortured creative processes which lay behind many of the stories that appeared on The Sleaze. So, I suppose that we're still 'on message' here. There you have it - eight hundred and a bit posts and still fulfilling my original mandate. There, I think I've done enough now to pad this post out to an acceptable length...



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