Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hail to The Chief

So, it is finally all over and the US has a new President. I know I'm at least twenty four hours behind everybody else in commenting on the election, but I thought I'd like to reflect for a while on the events of Tuesday night. There's no doubt that there's now a huge weight of expectation upon Barack Obama; expectations that anyone would find difficult to fulfil. Nevertheless, Obama represents a chance for a fresh start for the US and, by extension, the rest of the world. I certainly feel a lot more optimistic about the future now and sincerely hope that we'll see the return of the America I've loved and admired in the past - the America that uses its power benignly and is a progressive force for good. Believe me, these last eight years of Dubya have been hard for us Brits who harbour an affection for the States.

Whilst my personal political views mean that I've favoured Obama throughout the campaign, I feel the need to comment on his opponent, John McCain. His gracious speech conceding the election reaffirmed that he is a very decent and honest man, who could have made a good President. However, my real reservation about a possible McCain presidency lies with his choice of running mate. I'm sure that Governor Palin has many virtues, but I'm afraid that a creationist witch hunter who is anti-choice on abortion and apparently has little grasp of foreign affairs, isn't someone that I'd be happy having a heartbeat away from the presidency. If not for her, I would have felt reasonably happy even if McCain had won the election. But, of course, it wasn't up to me - I'm not a US citizen and - rightly - can't vote in their elections. But I'm glad to say that the US public voted sensibly, recognising the need for positive change. They are to be commended and, thanks to their wise choice, we can all live in hope, until Obama is inaugurated in January and reality kicks in, at least.



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