Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Once again all my plans for posting have had to be put on hold - this time because of my raging toothache. It really is bloody agony! I can barely sleep, I can't concentrate on anything - it's just a nightmare! I'm afraid that most over-the-counter painkillers, such as ibuprofen, just don't work for me. Icepacks and using diluted TCP as mouthwash have been more effective. Anyway, I'm seeing a dentist tomorrow, so hopefully it can be sorted out in the next few days. Mind you, just finding a dentist willing to see me was a real challenge. The NHS dentist I tried told me that although they were registering new patients, they couldn't offer me an appointment until October, even after I'd told them it was urgent! Jesus Christ! So, I swallowed my principles and went to a private practice who could see me within 24 hours. It'll cost me an arm and a leg, but if it stops this pain, it will be worth every penny!

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