Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve at Sleaze Towers

I couldn't end the year with a ranting post like the previous one, so I thought I'd give you an insight into the New Year's celebrations here at Sleaze Towers. Basically, they consist of me, a large plate of freshly cooked sausage rolls, a bottle of Bushmills and several cans of beer. I'm afraid that I've grown weary of New Year's celebrations. I hate parties and I really can't face spending the next few hours in a crowded pub full of people who don't usually drink there (that's if you can find a pub that is open or not charging admittance). So, I've decided to stay in. Actually, the fact that I'm recovering from both a cold and a very bad bout of sinus problems has made the decision even easier. Frankly, I'm knackered and the thought of a quiet night in the warmth of my living room fills my middle-aged soul with joy! To be honest, I've never really understood some people's mania for going out and getting bladdered on New Year's Eve - you can binge drink any day of the year (and most of Britain apparently does).

All that remains, of course, is for me to make a few New Year's resolutions. Once again, however, I really don't see the point: if you are going to do something, just bloody do it, don't wait until 31st December! Indeed, the only resolution I'm making is to give up 2006 for good. I have sometimes thought of making resolutions to take up smoking, as I feel I don't have enough vices. (Actually, New Year used to be the only time of year when I did smoke - for some unknown reason I developed a personal tradition of smoking a couple of fags and a cigar every New Year's Eve. Thankfully, that tradition petered out after the millenium celebrations). Maybe I need a less harmful vice. Fish pornography, perhaps? Ah, to hell with it all - I'm going to check on my sausage rolls! A Happy New Year to you all!

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