Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Anger Mismanagement

Do we need to start reclaiming anger for men?  I mean, in this present age of 'wokeness' there is increasing pressure upon men, especially young men, to be 'in touch with their feelings', or their 'feminine side' and to be generally reasonable and calm.  The onus is now on being conciliatory, seeing both sides of the argument and avoiding conflict.  Could it be that men are being emasculated by this world of the woke, turned into meek and ineffective ciphers by this political correctness gone mad?   I remember that not so long ago we had various right wing knee jerk reactionaries telling us - via the tabloids - that what the youth of today needed to sort themselves out was a bloody good war.  Participating in World War Two, Korea, the Malayan crisis or Aden, they'd tell us, had done them no harm at all.  In fact, it had made 'men' out of them.  Of course, today's pundits are far too young to have fought in any of those conflicts and unlikely to have served in the Gulf wars or Afghanistan.  Instead, their memories of conflict probably lie with clashing with the Anti-Nazi League while on National Front marches.  Their idea of having 'seen action' is throwing bricks through the windows of Asian-owned shops and their idea of an inspirational war leader would be Enoch Powell.  So their advice to the woke youth of today would be that they need more hate and anger in their lives.

Which leaves me suspecting that the general rise in hate seen on social media in recent times, not to mention the increasingly intemperate nature of political discourse, is actually all part of a plot on the part of some shadowy organisation to raise male anger levels.  Just look at all those middle aged, middle class white men who get worked up about Greta Thunberg.  I mean, what other reason could there be for grown men to apparently feel so intimidated by a teenaged environmentalist that they get angry to the point of their heads exploding, if it isn't simply to set an example for younger men s to whole to work oneself up into apoplexy over nothing?  It's the same with Brexit.  After all, nobody rational would surely have promoted committing economic suicide by leaving the EU, unless it was actually part of a larger project to promote anger.  Even the Daily Mail and the other right wing tabloids make sense in this context - their ludicrous 'journalism', forever scapegoating minorities and stoking up hate is designed purely to promote anger.  Trust me, it's happening.  There's a cabal of sinister behind the scenes manipulators out there who believe that the only way to make 'men' out of modern male youth is to make them so angry over the most trivial issues that they turn puce, foam at the mouth and risk having a stroke. 

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