Monday, October 14, 2019

Rough Times

I spent a large part of the weekend feeling rough as a dog's arse.  That cold I thought was finally on the wane came back with a vengeance, leaving me with blocked sinuses, not to mention coughing and spluttering.  On top of that, my stomach decided to go through one of its Metformin-related periods of extreme upset.  Add to that the generally lousy weather and I had a weekend to forget.  I got nothing done other than lying in bed feeling ill.  Consequently, I'm running behind in my film-watching for these proposed Halloween horror movie reviews.  That said, for some unknown reason, I made a detour from my scheduled viewing to watch an old William Castle film which, doubtless, will also end up reviewed here, (along with a couple of other pieces of schlock I haven't yet got around to writing up).  I also made no progress whatsoever with a couple of podcasts I'm trying to record back-to-back.  You'd think, that with all that inactivity, I'd be feeling netter by today.  But I don't, I still feel lousy.

My mood hasn't been improved by learning earlier today that an old friend of mine had died on Friday.  A truly shitty way to start the week.  From an entirely selfish point of view, it provides me with yet another reminder of my own mortality.  Along with the continued fragility of my own health, (my most recent blood tests didn't yield the results I wanted, so it is back to the drawing board with my health regime), this bad news just makes me feel even more insecure.  I know, I know, this is all pretty depressing but, to be honest I'm feeling depressed: my ongoing health issues, the lousy job, my friend's death, it is all getting me down.  But hey, what other choice do any of us have but to dust ourselves off, get back up and carry on?  All I can do is press ahead with my various projects and try to find an alternative means of making money.  (It has now turned into a race as to which will happen first: me finding a new job or me finally getting fed up and just jacking this one in regardless).  But like I say, for now, it is onwards and upwards.  Back to normal tomorrow, hopefully.



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