Monday, September 30, 2019

Just Sayin' and Other Excuses for Extremism

Of course Boris Johnson didn't squeeze that woman's thigh - he actually groped her arse, fondled her breasts and stuck his fingers up her fanny, nobody has claimed.  I have to emphasise that I have no evidence any of this happened, both for legal purposes and just in case any of those right wing snowflakes are reading this.  You know the types I mean - always whining on about how people are being rude about their Nazi heroes or are criticising Brexit or whatever.  Either that or they are whingeing about how it is 'political correctness gone mad' that they aren't allowed to stone homosexuals to death any more and have to be polite to 'blokes in dresses'.  Snowflakes.  I mean, that's what everyone means by 'snowflake', isn't it?  Right wing cry babies who are overly sensitive to criticism?  Because they are always the ones I see getting upset about this sort of thing.  Just sayin'.  That's something they say, isn't it?  When they've just posted something stupid and offensive on Twitter, so as to try and give the impression that they are just stating an obvious truth, they add that as a hash tag.  Usually accompanied by an emoji with a shit-eating grin.  So maybe i should post all that stuff about Boris Johnson groping random women on Twitter, with that hash tag and emoji. 

Because, you know, I'm just exercising my right to free speech, aren't I?  That's something else they say to defend anything offensive they say or write, isn't it?  You see, this is what we need to do: start using the right's tactics to get back at them.  Steal all their shitty defences and phrases and use them to justify ourselves every time we call them Nazis and the like.  Before you know it, the snowflakes will be whining on about 'cultural appropriation'.  But, to be slightly serious, there does seem to be an overriding agenda in the media that any criticism of the right constitutes outrageous lies and/or oversensitivity on the part of the left to things that are 'accepted' norms.  By contrast, racist, sexist, homophobic etc statements and behaviour on the part of the right are merely statements of 'common sense' and complaining about them is denying the right to 'free speech'.  In the US it is even worse, or so it seems to me, as a casual observer.  There, the legitimacy of any criticism of the president is deemed illegitimate by a large section of the media and general population because he won a democratic election and the losers just have to accept that.  Criticism is dismissed as 'sour grapes' on the part of the Democrats.  There seems to be no concept of political opposition, where the opposition party seeks to hold the government to account.  Nowadays there even seems to a general ignorance of the constitutional role of Congress itself, which is to exercise checks and balances on the executive.  Not that it is much better here, with all this 'People vs Parliament' nonsense being peddled by Johnson and his storm troopers (just sayin', hey).  Just lately, for the first time in living memory, we've witnessed parliament doing its intended job: to hold the government to account and ensure that legislation detrimental to the national interest isn't passed.  JUst sayin'.

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