Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Lawless Britain?

So, we've had the Prime Minister of the UK compare himself to the Incredible Hulk before running scared from a mob in Luxembourg, (where, presumably, any gathering of two slightly disgruntled people constitutes a 'mob').  In the meantime, back in the UK the Supreme Court is deliberating as to whether or not he gave illegal advice to the Queen with regard to the suspension of parliament. All the while, as this constitutional crisis unfolds, he and his ministers seem determined to create another one by implying that the Prime Minister has no intention of obeying the laws regarding a no deal Brexit recently enacted by parliament.  I mean, you can't make this shit up, can you?  It's like living in one of those political satires they used to make in the sixties, where the entire world's leadership appeared to be buffoons, puppets for evil corporations who manipulated them from behind the scenes.  Except that I'm not sure that there is any behind-the-scenes manipulation - I strongly suspect they are all just hapless buffoons motivated only by their own egos and deluded ambitions.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to Boris Johnson defying the law come the end of October in order to crash us out of the EU without a deal.  It will set a precedent, whereby we'll all then have carte blanche to break whichever laws we happen not to agree with.

Mark my words, come November 1 we'll all be robbing banks, mugging old ladies and stealing cars, while the public parks will be full of flashers exposing themselves to all and sundry.  It will be like that film The Purge.  The police will be powerless as we could all cite the 'Johnson defence', that we didn't happen to agree the particular law we were breaking so we just ignored it.  After all, if such conduct is permissable by a Prime Minister, it is permissable for everyone else.  Unless, of course, Johnson was to be arrested if and when he breaks that anti-no deal law.  The question is whether or not the authorities in the UK would actually do their job and take action against a right wing Prime Minister who broke the law.  I remain dubious as to whether we can.  Whatever happens, we'll be in uncharted territory.  There is no precedent, that I'm aware of, for a Prime Minister deliberately defying a law passed by parliament and given Royal Assent.  Mind you, if the police do try and arrest him, I can only presume that Johnson will get very angry, turn green and smash through the front wall of Number Ten, before proceeding to throw several police cars around and then smash parliament itself to pieces.  Unless there's a mob of protestors outside, that is.  In which case he'll just try and climb out the toilet window round the back.

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