Friday, October 04, 2019

October Thoughts

Not a very inspired week, posting wise, I know.  I'm afraid the tail end of a cold, a painfully pulled muscle in my right arm and all the usual crap from work have rather restricted my inclination and ability to write stuff this week.  Oh, and there was was that shitty Spurs result in the Champions League mid-week, that didn't do anything to improve my mood, either.  But hey, October is upon us, which means that Halloween is coming up and, once again, a lot of other blogs seem to be marking it by posting series' of features about horror movies.  I'm still in two minds as whether to do something similar, or not.  For one thing, it can be very time consuming, having to watch (Or re-watch) the films, then write about them.  For another thing, it is difficult to ensure any degree of originality and avoid talking about the same films that everyone else does - you have to dig deep to find he really obscure 'gems' that nobody else is likely to look at.  Last October I did run a 'Haunted House' themed series of 'Random Movie Trailers', which required a relatively low level of effort on my part, but if I'm going to do anything this year, I'd like it to be a bit more substantive.

Talking of the 'Random Movie Trailer' feature, I did, briefly, look at the trailer for The Corpse Grinders yesterday, which would count as a 'Halloween Horror' themed post, I suppose.  More significantly, it did get me looking at Ted V Mikels films again - I started watching Astro-Zombies earlier today, so that might be a possibility for a horror movie-themed post and is suitably obscure into the bargain.  I'm also part way through watching a very obscure fifties horror film at the moment, so that might be another possibility for a post.  See?  It's all coming together already.  Apart from Halloween, though, what else do I have planned for October, I hear you ask.  Well, I'm edging ever closer to convincing myself to hand in my notice at work while simultaneously slowly edging toward sounding out some possible alternative sources of employment.  There are phone calls to be made and CVs to be submitted, but I'm beginning to feel a bit more optimistic on this front.  Even just walking out of my current job is finally beginning to feel as if it would be an entirely positive move.  We'll see.



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