Thursday, November 29, 2018

Getting that Festive Feeling

To continue with the Christmas theme I started last post, I've been pondering as to how to get myself into the festive spirit.  Because right now, despite the proximity of the day itself, I'm still just not feeling it. Perhaps the problem is simply that it isn't quite December yet.  My dim and distant memories of my childhood tell me that, in the past, Christmas didn't used to start until December.  According to these memories, decorations, whether municipal or personal, didn't go up until December kicked off and shop Christmas displays likewise didn't debut until then.  I'm probably remembering it all wrong and Christmas has been starting in November since the year dot.  But the fact remains that I strongly feel that November should be allowed to stand in its own right as a month, rather than being seen simply as part of the Christmas build up.  It marks the end of Autumn, for goodness sake - the time when the leaves turn golden and finally fall from the trees in their entirety.  It usually features the first intimations of Winter, with a chill n the air and frost in the mornings.  It's a great month in its own right and should be enjoyed as such.

But getting back to the point, what can I do to get into the mood for Christmas?  Short of putting up my modest Christmas decorations early?  (I've noticed that quite a few people, presumably taking their cue from the municipal and corporate decorations now in evidence, have started putting up their own external lights.  I've even glimpsed a few fully decorated and lit Christmas trees lurking in peoples' living rooms).  Perhaps I should start swigging egg nog.  Sorry, advocat.  Some years ago, I went through an egg nog phase for a couple of Christmases.  I realised that I'd never actually drunk the stuff.  Whilst it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, I think that I've now had my fill of the stuff. I suspect that now it would make me feel sick rather than festive.  Listening to Christmas Carols on a continuous loop while I'm driving might do the trick, although it might also drive me insane.  Maybe a visit to Santa's grotto would do it.  OK, I know that these are meant for kids, but nowadays, with all the media scares about peadophiles lurking behind every store Santa's beard, do any parents actually risk their offspring being sexually molested in exchange for some cheap tat disguised as a present, by taking them to these grottos?  I'd imagine that the average shopping centre Santa would be glad to see anyone in their grotto.  Even sad adults trying to recapture the spirit of their childhood Christmases.  I'm no closer to feeling festive, though, am I?  Perhaps I should just watch White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life - after all, sentimental festive movies are what Christmas is about, isn't it?

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