Friday, November 16, 2018

A Crappy Crapchester Christmas

We're at that time of year when, traditionally, we start complaining that the Christmas TV ads start earlier every year.  Perhaps they do.  Certainly this year, they feel as if we'd barely crossed the threshold of November when they started.  But as I can't ever remember when they started in previous years, I've no idea whether this really is earlier than usual.  When you think about it, though, pure economics would dictate that the Christmas advertising campaign has to start in November, if they are to capitalise on the sales potential of the season.  If they only started showing them two weeks before Christmas, potential customers simply wouldn't have time to buy all the crap they are trying to sell.  That said, I always thought that part of the fun of Christmas was all that last minute shopping: rushing around crowded shops fighting other shoppers for the last mince pies on the shelves.  The good old days.  At least most of this year's seasonal adverts seem less elaborate than usual.  Maybe money is tighter this year - I've noticed that Morrison's are running many of the same TV adverts they used last year. 

But Christmas has already been tainted for me this year.  Clearly today was the day that Crapchester's Christmas lights were switched on.  Which meant that when I traipsed into town to do my usual Friday after work shopping, I found myself having to fight my way through milling crowds - and I do mean fight.  Apparently it was all complicated by the fact that the main shopping centre, although physically one entity, is split,in management terms, into two main parts, all with their own decorations and Christmas trees.  Both decided to choose today for their switch ons.  Which meant that nobody knew which bit they should be in, so they just blocked every thoroughfare.  The staff seemed utterly ineffective in imposing any organisation and the whole thing seemed shambolic.  Those bloody street 'entertainers' I loathe so much were again in evidence (I had to shove some of them aside to get out of one shop) and just made things worse.  Really, it's ruined Christmas for me before it has even started!  Still, I should expect nothing less from Crapchester than a truly crappy festive experience.

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