Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bad Day in Brexit Land

Even as we speak, Larry the Cat is undoubtedly preparing to take over as Brexit Secretary.  I mean, who else is there?   He's been biding his time for years, sitting in Downing Street, undermining various ministers - just look at how he usurped Nick Clegg's authority as Deputy Prime Minister during the coalition years.  Not to mention the way he sidelined Vince Cable.  I'm sure that he'll refocus the Brexit negotiations - on fish.  Before you know it, he'll be Prime Minister.  After all, he's in Downing Street already.  Moreover, he's more likely to be able to command a parliamentary majority than anyone else.  It really is all a mess, isn't it?  Cabinet ministers resigning left, right and centre, Jacob Rees-Mogg threatening to write letters, probably rude ones, denouncing Theresa May for having the nerve not to listen to his demented ramblings.  Actually, isn't it high time that May told Rees-Mogg to fuck off?  She'd get a vote of confidence from me if she was to find sufficient backbone to tell the obnoxious over privileged public school twat where to get off.  But she won't.  But it really is about time that someone called him out for the hypocrite that he actually is - busy trying to engineer the UK's withdrawal from the EU while simultaneously moving his hedge funds to Ireland to insure that his investors retain all the benefits of EU membership he wants to deny to the rest of us.  Not to mention his inconsistency on the subject of a second referendum: before he and his fellow brigands won the first one, he was all for a second bite of the cherry.

But getting back to those ministerial resignations - the reaction of the markets just underlined how irrational they are.  The pound's value dipped alarmingly when Esther McVey's resignation was announced.  Which is ridiculous, as surely the departure of that evil, stone hearted excuse for a human being from government should be a cause of celebration?  Knowing that she was no longer at the helm of the Department of Work and Pensions, oppressing benefits claimants, should cause the value of the pound to rise?  Because, if I believed in such things, I'd say that she is so irredeemably evil that she will burn in Hell for all eternity.  I'm clearly not alone in that opinion: she lost her seat at the 2015 general election and had to be parachuted into a nice safe Tory seat for the 2017 general election in order to ensure that her brand of uncaring evil was all present and correct for Mrs May's new government.  But despite all the setbacks, May is busy trying to sell her Brexit deal to anyone who will listen.  According to her it's either her deal, a no deal Brexit, or no Brexit at all.  Can I tick the box for the last option?  It's interesting that 'no Brexit' suddenly seems to be back on the table.  Except that it isn't.  Unless there's another referendum, of course.  All day I've heard the mantra from Tory ministers that this is about respecting the 'will of the people' as expressed in that bloody referendum.  Which, logically, means that 'no Brexit' can only be legitimised via another 'people's vote'.  Which May keeps saying isn't going to happen.  But she's apparently put the 'no Brexit' option back on the agenda.  Interesting.  But also a reminder of what a bloody mess this has become.  But hey, look to the positives - it isn't often that we get the chance to actually live through a full blown political crisis of these proportions, is it? 



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