Thursday, November 01, 2018

One of Those Weeks

Clearly, it is one one of those weeks.  My old steam cleaner stopped working, my vacuum cleaner has, quite literally, fallen apart and this evening I had to engage in a huge diversion, thanks to roadworks, in order to get home from Salisbury, where I'd been helping my mother move into her new retirement flat.  Oh, and on top of that, I spent a large chunk of my morning at work in a meeting, with management outlining the latest plans for the organisation's future, (which seem mainly to involve cutting the workforce by a third, but not paying any redundancies, and forcing most of the remaining workforce into glorified call centres).  Did I mention it has also been freezing cold for a lot of this week, as well? Like I said, one of those weeks.  I do find that it is often the case that if a week starts badly, it continues that way.  And I kicked off this week still feeling somewhat upset following my last visit to the old family home before my mum moved out, which set the tone for the whole week.

Anyway, the long and the short of it all is that I'm now exhausted - and there's still another day of the working week to go.  Still, I'm amazed at what I have managed to get done in between all the other stuff: a new story on The Sleaze, completing those Halloween themed Random Movie Trailers here, recording a seasonal contribution to the most recent Overnightscape Central podcast over at  I even managed to get a plumber in to fix that dripping overflow pipe.  About the only thing I failed to do was record a new podcast of my own, which I had hoped to have done in time for Halloween.  But hey, timing wasn't crucial too it: just because it will have a supernatural theme doesn't mean that it has to be posted over Halloween.  So, hopefully, I'll be able to record and post it over the next week or so.  Provided I don't have another week like this one, that is.



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