Thursday, October 18, 2018

Illiberal Bastards

We haven't had a political rant here of late.  Not this week, certainly.  So, let's not waste any more time.  You know the political creed I hate even more than Tories?  Liberals.  Most specifically, the UK's Liberal Democrats or whatever the fuck they call themselves these days.  At least with Tories you know where you are.  I mean, you expect them to be evil bastards.  But Liberals, they come on as if they are, well, liberal, expressing concern for the poor, being 'right on' when it comes to social issues.  You know what I mean.  They just love to get sanctimonious about how, unlike the Labour Party, they aren't ideologically hidebound.  Indeed, they seem to spend a lot of time berating Labour, trying to establish their moral superiority.  Of late, I've seen various self-identified Liberal supporters online revelling in the whole anti-Semitism shenanigans which has bedevilled Labour over the past few months, pompously declaring how it just goes to show how awful the left is and how morally superior liberals like them are.  Do they honestly think that we're stupid?  Or that we have short memories?  Let's not forget who it was who entered into a coalition with the Tories and enabled a right-wing Tory regime?  A regime which paved the way for Brexit and all the extremism which has accompanied it.  That's right: it was the saintly Liberal Democrats.  Or Tory lickspittles as I prefer to call them.

It really does make me sick to my stomach whenever I see that wizened, doddering old cock Vince Cable fantasising about how he could be Prime Minister, or, at the very least, hold the balance of power in a future parliament.  Let's not forget his role in that coalition government, where his utter incompetence led to the Post Office being sold off for a loss and I seem to recall him spending a lot of time threatening trade unions with dire consequences if they had the audacity to ask for things like pay rises for their members.  He gleefully embraced the Tory austerity policies and the economic falsehoods upon which they were based.  Yet now here he is as Lib Dem leader (elected unopposed because nobody else wanted the poisoned chalice), desperately hoping that we've all forgotten his knee-jerk reactionary tenure as a minister in a Tory government.  Bastard.  But hey, those liberals still like to harp on about how pure and virtuous they are, how, unlike those beastly socialists,they are free from prejudice.  No anti-Semites in the Lib Dems.  Perhaps not, but let's not forget the homophobes, like Cable's predecessor, whose 'Christian principles' meant that he didn't support things like gay marriage and certainly didn't approve of anything as sinful as gay sex. They really are hypocritical bastards these liberals, who have the audacity to continually try and undermine the left and sabotage any chance of a Labour government.  Because that's the truth of them: they are just Tories in disguise. Sanctimonious bigots who don't have the balls to actually join the Tories for fear that people might think they are, well, bastards.  They just want to be loved, you see.  But as far as I'm concerned they are a political scourge who need to be wiped from the face of UK politics - too cowardly to take responsibility for their past evils, they instead spend their time trying to deflect attention by demonising the left.  Shit bags, each and every one of them.

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