Thursday, October 04, 2018

Secrets of Sex (1969)

Time for another quick 'Random Movie Trailer' - and I do mean quick, I'm not going to say a great deal about this because I've not actually seen the full movie.  It's one I've been meaning to obtain for a viewing since it came out on DVD a few years ago.  Perhaps I'll add it to this year's Christmas viewing list.  Anyway, to return to the movie itself, Secrets of Sex is an anthology film, consisting of several vignettes illustrating the eternal battle of the sexes.  Oh, and it is all narrated by a mummy.  The episodes themselves encompass a number of genres, including horror, sex comedy and spy parodies, but all tend toward bizarre, black humour.

Secrets of Sex is one of a handful of features directed by artist, film maker and distributor Anthony Balch.  Perhaps the best known, (in no small part due to several screenings on the BBC in the nineties and noughties), is his highly eccentric, but hugely entertaining, take on horror films: 1973's Horror Hospital.   Secrets of Sex, despite having several minutes cut from it by the censor, was a big hit when originally released in the UK in 1970.  It was initially released uncut in the US as Bizarre, and later, in a cut version, as Tales of the Bizarre.  Balch, a sometime collaborator of William S Burroughs, was a unique voice in British sexploitation cinema, his work well worth seeking out.  Sadly, he died far too young in 1980, at the age of forty two.  If you want to know a bit more about Secrets of Sex, Gavcrimson (who often comments here) gives it a good write up at the IMDB.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.



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