Thursday, December 28, 2017

Seasonal Fatigue

You know, I think that I've finally recovered from the sense of exhaustion I've been feeling over Christmas.  I know what you are thinking: how exhausting can Christmas on your own be?  Well, a lot of it was a hangover from the unwelcome amount of work-related stress I suffered in the run up to Christmas, but a lot of it was related to the stress of trying to make sure that I'd got the right presents for the right people, had sufficient beer in the fridge, etc. But just doing routine things became incredibly stressful due to the Christmas shopping madness which descended upon the UK's high streets.  It got to the stage that I nearly had a fight over some frozen sausage rolls.  It would never had happened if Iceland hadn't have sold out of the ones I usually buy. So, instead, I was forced to go to Sainsburys.  Anyway, just as I was about to open the relevant freezer cabinet, this bloke and his wife shoved in front of me, wrenched the door open and started shoveling bag after bag of frozen sausage rolls into their shopping basket.  After a while they realised that I was still stood there, glaring at them, and they backed off, looking sheepish.  Luckily, they'd left a bag of sausage rolls in the freezer cabinet.

The whole encounter left me angry and depressed.  Angry at the the sheer rudeness of their behaviour, depressed that people will resort to such behaviour just because there's a religious festival imminent.   But this and other seasonal shenanigans, including my attempts to get home on Christmas Eve, combined with problems sleeping, left me feeling exhausted.  A feeling which persisted through Christmas Day and Boxing Day. So, yesterday, I spent most of the day in bed and, I have to say, I've felt a bloody sight better since.  I'm still somewhat confused as to exactly what day of the week it is - apparently, today is Thursday, but I'm not feeling tired any more.  So much so that I've even managed to do a bit more work on my model railway (a baseboard extension which will finally allow me to complete the storage yard) and record part of another in my new series of podcasts for the Overnightscape Central.  All that and a lot of lying on the sofa, drinking beer and watching films has left me feeling a lot better than I did a week ago.  And we've still got New Year's to come.



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