Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Between Bank Holidays

Boxing Day is traditionally the day of recovery, when we can all take a breather after all the frantic activity of Christmas Day.  OK, so my Christmas Day wasn't frantic, but the fays leading up to it were.  I was so tired that I started flagging yesterday evening and started to fall asleep on the sofa.  So, today I've done even less than I did yesterday.  Which isn't to say that I've been completely inactive - by my standards, this Boxing Day has been a blur of action.  I actually left the house, for one thing.  Some Boxing Days I've spent mainly asleep in bed, or crashed on the sofa all day watching TV.  Whilst I still did spend a fair amount of time doing those things, I also managed to do some shopping.  Interestingly, despite Boxing Day traditionally also being the day of sales, the shops weren't as crowded as I'd expected.  In fact, more than usual, for a bank holiday, remained closed.  So, maybe everyone else were too knackered to do anything this Boxing Day.

Indeed, the fatigue seems evident elsewhere: the news is certainly devoid of anything earth-shattering.  No wars breaking out, no new plagues or natural disasters, not even any celebrity deaths.  Or new reports of celebrity gropings.  Like I said, everyone is just too tired.  Too tired even to do anything on social media.  My Twitter timeline is unusually quiet (OK, I know I don't follow that many people, but nonetheless, it is, if anything, even quieter than yesterday).  None of which is a bad thing.  We should be making the most of these lazy days between bank holidays.  We're entering that strange limbo between Christmas and New Year, where normal time feels suspended and it seems like most people are off work.  Even if you are at work, it feels strange, with, for the most part, late starts and early finishes and a sense of complete unreality in the workplace: during the times I've worked all or part of this period, it just feels like you are going through the motions, treading water until reality returns with the new year.   So relax, chill out and enjoy this strange interregnum. 



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