Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dr Frankenstein on Campus (1970)

An incredibly obscure piece of early seventies Canadian exploitation which continues to elude me, Dr Frankenstein on Campus (aka Flick) throws everything into the mix: sexploitation, sixties/seventies counter culture, campus comedy, mind control conspiracies, the whole lot.  Oh yes, it is also a horror film, attempting to update the Frankenstein story.  This time around, a descendent of the original Frankenstein, having been sent down from his alma mater in Austria, ends up on a campus in Canada, where, along with his professor, he conducts experiments with mind control drugs.  Unpopular with the students, he is framed in a drugs bust and sent down again, but gains his revenge by creating a 'monster' by injecting a martial arts expert with his mind control drugs and using him to attack his enemies.

The trailer is clearly trying to market the movie as a 'zany' campus comedy which, from all that I know about it, is probably a misrepresentation of its actual content.  The impression I get is that it is intended more as a satire of various exploitation genres, bringing together every cliche the makers can think of: drugs, permissiveness, campus unrest, mind control experiments, karate killers and invoking the spirit of Frankenstein as  a representation of irresponsible scientific research.  Reportedly chock full of weirdness, Dr Frankenstein on Campus has never been able to become a cult favourite, perhaps because it is so obscure, with no VHS or DVD releases I'm aware of and extremely rare TV screenings.  Even cult films have to be seen by someone!  Still, at least they get the nomenclature right: Frankenstein is the Doctor, not the monster.  Or is he?  I do know that the film has a late twist that turns everything that precedes it upside down.  Anyway, I live in hope that I  might yet turn up a complete version of the film.  Until then, this trailer will have to suffice.



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