Friday, November 10, 2017

Another Fallen Idol

I see that Louis CK has apologised for whipping his plonker out in front of various unsuspecting women and taking Captain Picard to warp speed.  Well, I guess that makes it all OK, then.  All his right on fans can go back to hailing him as a comedy genius.  I'm sorry, but I've never understood the whole Louis CK phenomena.  He always struck me as being a right wing douche bag.  Now it turns out that he's a right wing douche bag who gets his kicks from wanking off in front of women.  I'm only surprised that it has taken so long for him to get caught out - the stories about his sexual misconduct have been public knowledge for a long, long time.  But, as Jimmy Savile showed, if you are a wealthy celebrity with a devoted fan following, you can get away with doing all sorts of horrendous stuff in plain view for years.  Decades, in his case.  But to get back to that prick Louis CK, (is something telling you that I don't like him?),  he's another of those people who have risen to fame on the back of TV shows that, in reality, the majority of people have never seen, as they are carried on pay TV rather than free-to-air networks.  

I know that this isn't a point which the sort of people who write about TV for The Guardian don't want to concede, but we are living in an era of niche TV, with the sort of shows lauded by critics actually being seen by relatively small audiences on subscription channels. As I've mentioned before, I've never seen Game of Thrones, but this doesn't make me weird or out of touch, as various trendy media commentators would have you believe.  In fact, as far as the UK goes at least, I suspect that it puts me in the majority of the TV viewing audience.  Which brings me back to Louis CK.  In truth, I haven't seen much of his work, but what I have seen didn't impress me and interviews with him just reinforced my perception of him as another of those 'comedians' who like to cultivate a vaguely 'radical' image to attract the liberal fan base but, in reality, espouse a confused, 'centrist' political agenda which masks fundamentally conservative values.  Maybe I'm doing him a disservice, on the politics at least, he's a self confessed sex offender let's not forget, but I'm still glad to see Louis CK get his comeuppance - he got away with masquerading as both a comedian and a decent human being for far too long.  



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