Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Behind the Wall

Apparently Donald Trump is planning to build a 'prototype' for his proposed border wall between the US and Mexico.  Since when did anyone need to build a prototype for a wall?  I thought that walls were pretty much a proven concept, pretty much perfected several millennia ago.  I mean, if Trump wants any tips on boundary walls separating countries, then I'd suggest he look no further than Hadrian's Wall.  Failing that, I believe that the Chinese could give him some good tips on the subject.  Not that I think the idea of building a wall along the border with Mexico is a good idea - it's completely impractical, for one thing.  Personally, I think that Trump came up with idea whilst watching The Alamo - as all those Mexican soldiers swarmed into Texas and stormed the Alamo, I can imagine him thinking: if only those Texans had built a wall, Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie would be alive to this day.  Perhaps that's what he imagines Mexico to be planning: an invasion of the USA to claim back Texas, involving thousands of soldiers wearing elaborate nineteenth century uniforms.

One must also question why Trump isn't right now building some kind of wall to keep out Hurricane Jose?  After all, he definitely sounds like some kind of bad hombre from south of the border.  Actually, while we are on the subject of hurricanes, I'm bloody sick and tired of the media breathlessly telling me that Richard Branson's home on his private island has been rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Irina - I'm more concerned about the people who aren't multi-millionaires and don't have luxury homes all over the world who have been rendered homeless by the storm.  As for the British Virgin Islands - well, I hope that the wealthy tax dodgers who hide their money in this government sanctioned tax haven are going to fund the reconstruction work there rather than us tax payers (who they are defrauding).  Apparently, people from the British Virgin Islands can come here and use the NHS, buy property, live here, even, but if you or  I, UK taxpayers who subsidise them, were to go to the British Virgin Islands, we would be denied entry unless we had a valid return ticket or a ticket on to another destination.  We can't use their facilities, buy their property or settle there.  Bastards.

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