Saturday, September 02, 2017

Brute Force, Bongs and Bannon

You know, I really hate having my time wasted by the kind of arseholes who eat up my bandwidth by executing brute force attacks against my website in a vain attempt to crack the admin password.  I've just wasted a large chunk of my evening trying to deal with the latest little prick trying this tactic.  Usually you can easily obtain the IP address they are using and block it from accessing the site, which won't stop their attempts to break in, but will stop them from accessing the log in page (or any other page on the site, for that matter).  Sometimes, if they are really incompetent, you'll find that they've actually got the address of your login page wrong and are trying to access a non-existent page.  In such cases you can simply redirect this non-page of your site back to their IP address, which will quickly result in them knocking themselves off of the web.  Unfortunately, this latest attempt at a brute force attack is slightly more sophisticate, in that the attacker is using multiple IP addresses to launch their attack - they are hitting the site two or three at a time, before switching to a new set of IPs, making blocking them near impossible.  It's not that I'm too worried about them cracking the password - I have a whole panoply of measures in place to prevent them even accessing the log in page - it's just that they are in danger of overwhelming the server and they are eating up the bandwidth that I pay for, not to mention rendering my server logs useless.

Anyway, monitoring this particular dickless wonder has left me without the inclination to come up with a proper post for today.  Mind you, I've been so busy enjoying myself over the past couple of weeks, that I've been in danger of losing track of what's happening in the world at large. I catch snippets from news sources, but a lot of it doesn't register properly.  As far as I can make out, Theresa May has been advocating the legalisation of cannabis, with her demands that the 'bongs not be banned', in which she was joined by most of the UK's right wing press.  The good news from across the Atlantic is, of course, that two more lunatics have left the Trump administration. Steve Bannon is back living in that cardboard box in the alleyway behind a New York deli, where they found him.  Doubtless, he's back ranting at random passers by, spewing forth a stream of incoherent reactionary bile.  Or writing for Breitbart News.   Even better, bearded weirdo Sebastian Gorka (the man with a penchant for apparently wearing medals awarded by Hungary's World War Two fascist regime) has also departed the White House.  I was never sure exactly what he did (nobody, not even in the White House, seemed to know), other than appear incredibly creepy and make crypto-fascist statements to the press, but he isn't doing it any more.  Not from the White House, at least.  And the North Koreans have been misbehaving again, firing missiles over Japan.. You know, I really don't understanf why Japan doesn't just deploy Godzilla against them...



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