Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back on the Beach

So, there you have it, officially the last day of Summer - in meteorological terms.  I marked the day with another trip to the beach.  I seem to have spent quite a lot of this year's Summer break on various beaches.  It has been very relaxing.  There's just something about sitting there on the shingle (most of the beaches within easy reach of me are shingle) and listening to the waves breaking.  I find that I get a lot of thinking done on the beach.  Unfortunately, none of it has been very conclusive.  It's just reinforced the idea that returning to work next week isn't going to be very beneficial to my health and that I have to do something about it.  Despite all that thinking time on beaches, I still haven't worked out what that 'something' is - but I'm going to have to come up with a solution soon.  Simply walking out would be a satisfying solution and provide an immediate remedy to many of my problems - but it wouldn't provide a long-term fix.

My problem is that I've always muddled along, waiting for something to turn up and change things for me - which is usually what has happened.  But this time, nothing is turning up, so I really need to be more proactive.  Which, in turn, requires me to put some effort into changing things.  But to get back to my Summer holidays, I'm not planning to wander far tomorrow, officially the first day of Autumn.  For one thing, I'm expecting roads to the New Forest (through which I have to travel to reach the coast) to be congested tomorrow, courtesy of the International Auto Jumble at Beaulieu over the weekend.  The southbound traffic was already building up as I drove home this evening.  I'll probably close out my Summer break with a visit to a nearby country park for some walking.  I might even find time to make some more progress with my model railway.  Not exciting, I know, but very relaxing and relaxation has been what I've needed these past few weeks.



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