Monday, September 05, 2016

Back to Business

Now my holidays are over, I suppose that I should get back to posting more serious stuff here.  But, to be frank, I'm too knackered after my return to work.  The interesting things is that while I was on holiday, I found myself completely running out of inspiration for stuff to write both here and over at The Sleaze.  I've come to the conclusion that it was because I was too busy actually enjoying myself to have time to think up story ideas.  By contrast, work is so mind-numbingly dull that developing new ideas for posts and stories is a welcome distraction.  So, I've now got plenty of story ideas for The Sleaze this month and, hopefully, we'll get back to the schlock movie write ups here later this week.  Of course, ii isn't just a matter of having too many other activities to occupy my mind which has blunted my inspiration.  It hasn't helped that this year's 'silly season' has been particularly dull, with very little in the news to set my creative processes off.  But, right on cue, as soon as August and the 'silly season' ended, stuff with the potential to form the basis of new stories started turning up.

So, before we, maybe, get back to business here, I'd like to reflect on some of the things that did happen over the past couple of weeks, but which I somehow neglected to write about at the time.  Actually, there's only one thing I can recall that I meant to mention here but didn't.  When I heard about that flight in Scotland which was delayed for hours after the pilot and co-pilot had to be replaced on suspicion that they were over the drink-fly limit, my first reaction was to think: 'God, I hope that they looked like Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin'.  It just struck me as the sort of situation you used to see them in in their seemingly booze-fuelled movies in the sixties.  A picture of Davis and Martin dressed as airline pilots, sat in the cockpit of a Boeing 707, drinking Martinis whilst surrounded by air hostesses (who have somehow found themselves locked in the flight deck with Sammy and Dean, flashed before my eyes.  It took me back to those halcyon days of my childhood, when the image of success and fun peddled by adverts and movies seemed to consist of such alcohol induced fantasies.  Back them two drunk guys in charge of an airliner full of passengers would been passed off as a 'bit of fun' rather than a serious health and safety incident.  That's what is wrong with the modern world - people just take things too seriously. 



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