Monday, August 22, 2016

Posts Interrupted

I know, I was barely coherent last week.  I promise to try better with this week's posts.  That said, there's already a setback.  I'm back on holiday and actually recorded some video footage today, which I've edited into a short film, which I'd hoped to post here,  However, uploading it to a video sharing service in order to facilitate this is proving problematic, with Vimeo estimating that it needs half an hour (!) in order to upload a three minute video and You Tube giving an estimate of over an hour (!!), neither of which is acceptable, as I'm about to go out to the pub and want to get this sorted before I leave the house.  So, I'm going to have to find something else to talk about.  Unfortunately, I haven't got anything else prepared - I'm on holiday, damn it!  So, I can't go on about how shitty work is, as I wasn't there and I don't want to rant about politics again, as I'm sick of talking about Corbyn and now just want to take action against him instead, (I'm currently awaiting my ballot paper for the Labour leadership election). 

I don't watch 'reality' TV, so that excludes celebrity Big Brother from the equation and the Olympics are over, so i can't moan about them taking over the TV schedules again.  Low rent movies are a better bet - was up until four in the morning two days running this weekend watching such films.   The first time wasn't intentional - I dozed off whilst watching something on Talking Pictures TV, then woke up just as another film started and, despite having seen it several times already, watched Who? in its entirety.  I'm not sure why - it still isn't a particularly good film, although it has an interesting premise, which it largely squanders by focusing on the espionage elements of the story rather than the more intriguing philosophical and scientific aspects of the tale, (it was based on a science fiction novel by Algis Buydrs).  The second time was, more or less, deliberate - I found that someone had uploaded a complete copy of The Mutations (which coincidentally featured here as a 'Random Movie Trailer last week), to You Tube.  A film I'd been chasing for some time now, I decided I needed to watch it before it was removed for copyright infringement, but for some reason started viewing it in the early hours and lost track of time.  Hopefully, I'll get round to writing it up here sometime soon.  Ah well, the video has uploaded at last, but too late for today.  Tomorrow, perhaps.



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