Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Queen's Rain

You know what? I'm glad that it rained all over the Queen's 90th birthday party.  You know why?  (Apart from the fact that, as a taxpayer, I footed the bill but wasn't invited, that is).  Well, I can still remember the Diamond Jubilee when, instead of simply creating a new, one off, bank holiday to create the four day weekend for the official celebrations, they moved one of the existing bank holidays forward and it poured with rain all that long weekend.  Which meant that I couldn't go out and enjoy the bank holiday and was instead forced to stay in and watch all the deferential Jubilee shit on TV.  Of course, the day when the bank holiday would usually have been scheduled was warm and sunny - but I was at work.  Once again, the ordinary working person was shafted by our parasitic ruling classes.  So yeah, I'm bloody glad it rained on her sodding birthday.

I must admit that this Queen's 90th birthday weekend has rather passed me by - I didn't even realise that it was this weekend until nearly the end of last week.   If there were any street parties organised for it around here, I certainly wasn't invited.  Just as I wasn't at the time of the Diamond Jubilee, either.  Mind you, I never get invited to neighbours' barbecues either - not that I actually want to go to such things, but it's a matter of principle, isn't it?  Anyway, to return, more or less, to the point, I've celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday by watching some of the finest films made on these shores during her reign.  Namely Lindsay Shonteff's 1969 proto-slasher flick Night After Night After Night, Val Guest's 1972 sex film dabbling The Au Pair Girls and I'm now preparing to view Derek Ford's 1970 examination of the world of pop fandom: Groupie Girl.  I know my idea of 'finest films' undoubtedly differs from that of most critics, but, quite honestly, I can't help but feel that movies like these tell us more about what Britain was really like in the late sixties and early seventies than any mainstream productions ever can.  God Save the Queen and long may it rain on her reign.



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