Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rainy Day

The trouble with being off work during rainy weather is that I end up spending my days mainly in the house doing DIY, leaving me with little to talk about here.  Take today, for instance, which was the second consecutive day of skimming the worst bits of the kitchen walls in preparation for new paint.  Now, I could go into detail about the labourious application of the skimming paste I use to the end wall, smoothing it down and then waiting three to four hours for it to dry sufficiently to be sanded flat, (those three to four hours being filled by putting an undercoat on the outside wall, which I'd skimmed yesterday), but I fear it would be pretty dull.   It might get a bit more exciting tomorrow when, not only will I put an undercoat on the bits I skimmed today (you need to wait around twenty four hours before applying paint), but I'll also be putting the first coat of the new colour on the bits I undercoated today.  It's 'Lemon Sorbet', if your interested.  The new colour, obviously.

Originally, I'd intended to do all of this last week and spend this week generally wandering around the countryside, (as I'm apt to do when off work).  However, a look at the weather forecast indicated, (rightly, as it turned out), that it would be better to switch my plans around.  So, I enjoyed the sun last week and now I'm repairing plaster work.  Not that decorating is the only thing I've been doing.  Obviously.  I've also been continuing with my attempts to revamp The Sleaze with a new theme.  Which is trickier than it sounds, as, where Wordpress themes are concerned, there might well be lot out there, but too many of them look the same and lack any of the features I'm seeking.  I keep coming back to the Elegant Themes 'Extra' theme.  The problem is that for a theme where you can supposedly change almost anything about its appearance without having to hack the code about, it's bloody hard work to get it even close to what I'm looking for and involves hacking the code.  Moreover, whilst I've got a home page which is almost what I want, the post layouts are an absolute mess and next to impossible to change without resorting to some extensive rewriting of the source code.  We'll see if I can make any head way with it this week.  In the meantime, I've got that painting to look forward to tomorrow.



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